Serratiopeptidase Tablets
Information About SERABIS 10

SERABIS-10- Serratiopeptidase Tablets
Used in pain and swelling to heal the injury.
Indications:To be used underneath following conditions:

  • Post operative pain and inflammation
  • Traumatic inflammation
  • ENT conditions
  • Oro-dental conditions
  • Episiotomy and PID

Serratiopeptidase Benefits:
Serratiopeptidase is a proteolytic enzyme obtained from the silkworm. Basically reduces pain and swelling associated with conditions like back pain, arthritis, tension headaches and migraine headaches. Most importantly,useful for conditions that involve pain and swelling (inflammation) including sinusitis, laryngitis, sore throat, ear infections, swelling after surgery, swelling of a vein with the formation of a blood clot and inflammatory bowel disease including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Reduces the risk of bacterial infections. Some other uses include treatment of diabetes, leg ulcers, asthma, and pus accumulation.