LEEZIN-M (Bi-layered tab.)

Levocetrizine Montelukast Tablets
Information About LEEZIN-M (Bi-layered tab.)
MONTELUKAST ------- 10mg
10X10 (ALU-ALU)

LEEZIN- Levocetrizine Montelukast Tablets
Used in changing season nasal allergy discomfort.

Indications:To be used underneath following conditions:

  • Asthama
  • Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis
  • Nasal allergy with congestion

Levocetirizine Benefits:
Levocetirizine is third generation non sedative anti-histamine that prevents the release of other allergic chemicals. They increases the blood supply and prevents hay fever. It works by blocking the effect of a natural substance called as histamine that our body makes during an allergic reaction. And provide relief from symptoms such as running nose, watery eyes, itching in eyes and nose.Some of the common side effects of taking Levocetirizine are sleepiness,dizziness, tiredness, or dry mouth and should not be taken if you are suffering from severe kidney failure.

Montelukast Benefits:
Combat all type of branchospasm because of asthama or exercise. Montelukast is an effective and safe option for treatment of asthama. Reduces the bronchoconstriction caused by leukotrriene,lowering inflammation.