Lacibol isabgol husk
Information About LACIBOL GRANULES
ISPAGHULA Husk-3.5 gm
LACTITOL-10gm per 15 gm
90gm HDPE jar

Lacibol isabgol husk granules are an effective way to deal with constipation.

Lactitol Monohydrate being a major constituent act as a laxative that loosen the stools and increase bowel movements. Lactitol in combination with ispaghula or psyliium husk is an approved combination for prevention and treatment of constipation. Lactitol is used in a variety of low food energy or low fat foods. It is used in sugar-free candies, cookies (biscuits), chocolate, and ice cream. Lactitol also promotes colon health as a prebiotic. Because of poor absorption, lactitol only has 2.4 kilocalories (9 kilojoules) per gram, compared to 4 kilocalories (17 kJ) per gram for typical saccharides.
Add one dry teaspoonful of Lacibol into a glass of water, stir briskly and consume the content.

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