Kidney stone removal herbal medicine
Information About ALCULI
(similar to NEERI & CYSTONE)
Each 10 ml syrup contains:
Shudh Shilajeet 200mg
Shwet parpati 150mg
Moolishar 100mg
Saindha Namak 50mg
Punarnava 300mg
Gokshru 400mg
Varun 400mg
Kulathi 400mg
Pashan Bhed 500mg
Makoy 100mg
Kush 400mg

Each capsule contains:
Pashan Bhed 200mg
Palash Pushap 50mg
Shwet parpati 25mg
Appa Marg 30mg
Varun 20mg
Shudh Shilajeet 15mg
Punarnava 50mg
Hajrul Yahhod Bhasam 45mg
Sahdevi 20mg
Lajaloo Mool 15mg
Yavakshar 30mg

Combo Pack of 20 tablets+200ml syrup

ALCULI COMBO- Kidney stone removal herbal medicine
Combination Therapy used in renal stone.

Indications:To be used underneath following conditions:

  • Renal stone
  • Poor renal functions
  • Dysuria
  • Burning Micturition
  • Crystalluria
  • Odema
  • Generalised Anansarca
  • Non specific UTI and other urinary disorders

Alculi Combo Benefits:
Alculi Combo is used in Renal stones and is completely natural and safe way to remove renal stones. The combo pack is a 10 day guarantee solution for dragging out the stones. Dosage should be 2 capsules empty stomach in morning with 300ml lime water and 10ml syrup in afternoon and evening. Works best when the patients drink 3-5 litre of water everyday.