inositol coenzyme q10 lycopene capsules
Information About FER-Q
INOSITOL ------- 100mg
Co-ENZYME Q10 -------10mg
LYCOPENE ---------2000mcg
L-ARGININE ------- 10mg
3x10 Softgel

FER-Q -Inositol coenzyme q10 lycopene capsules
Used for improving the egg quality and pregnancy rate in women with failed IVF.

Indications:To be used underneath following conditions:

  • Restores normal ovulatory activity.
  • Increases fertilization rate
  • Prevents spina bifida birth defect
  • Lowers free and total testosterone
  • Lowers LH and DHEA-s
  • Increases SHBG
  • Lowers andestenedione

Inositol Benefits:
Inositol regulate insulin enough to restore normal ovulation thus fertility. It produces follicular development to improve quality of ovum and ovulation. Also restore normal ovulatory activity and increases fertilization rate. Inositol lowers free testosterone, LH,DHE-S and insulin response after meals. Lastly increases peak progesterone.

Lycopene Benefits:
Lycopene is used for preventing heart diseases and protects against oxidative damage to lipids, proteins and DNA. It also provides prevention against prostate, lung and stomach cancers.Besides that lycopene has skin and hair benefits as well-reduces skin damage from UV-A and UV-B exposure, anti ageing, skin lightening, hair fall and hair growth solution.

Coenzyme q10 Benefits:
Promotes male fertility: Co-enzyme Q10 supplementation for six months improves reduced sperm mobility in infertile men.It also helps in increasing the sperm count.

PABA Benefits:
Increases the ability of estrogen production.

L-Arginine Benefits:
Improves egg count and quality.