Information About GYFER DROPS
30 ml


Folic acid and ferrous ascorbate drops for children are used to meet the iron requirements promptly.The drops can prevent anaemia like condition among children.


Prevention of anaemia among children

The components benefits are as follows:
Ferrous Ascorbate Benefits: Ferrous ascorbate is a reducing agent and thus prevents oxidation thus maintaining iron in highly soluble form. It is absorbed twice as much as of ferric form of iron and offers 97% of bioavailability.Children generally do not get enough iron from the food that they eat which can lead to anaemia, tiredness, inability to do any physical activity or any other activity. Therefore they should be supplemented with enough iron so that their bodies do not suffer anymore. Ferrous ascorbate hence serves the purpose here by fulfilling the requirement of enough iron.
Folic Acid Benefits: Folic Acid is an important vitamin for the development of baby’s brain and spinal cord. It is even required for growth and repairement of every cell of the body. Folic acid taken by preganant women also prevent birth defects in children
The iron supplements taken in drops form is easy to intake for children. Even it comes with a dropper with marking to give the exact amount.