Drotaverine Hcl ,Mefenamic Acid tablets
Information About SPASMOBIS
MEFENAMIC ACID------------ 250mg

SPASMOBIS -Drotaverine Hcl ,Mefenamic Acid tablets
Used for acute abdominal pain.

Indications:To be used underneath following conditions:

  • Intestinal Colic
  • Renal Colic
  • Biliary Colic
  • Dysmennohera

Drotaverine HCL Benefits:
Drotaverine is an antispasmodic drug. A study of 2003 found drotaverine to be nearly 80% effective in treating
renal colic. It smooth muscles of stomach and heart to relieve pain caused due to irritable bowel syndrome, headache,menstrual periods and also to relieve cervical spasm in labor. It basically works by increasing the levels of chemical massengers that help in relieving the pain.

Mefenamic Acid Benefits:
Mefenamic acid is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that alleviates pain symptoms by inhibition of pain mediators associated with cyclooxygenase pathway. It also helps in decreasing the pain and blood loss during menstrual periods. It also help in reducing swelling by lowering levels of prostaglandin, a hormone-like substance that usually causes inflammation. The dosage should be taken in appropriate amounts only after consulting a doctor else it may lead to abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence, gross bleeding/perforation, heartburn, nausea, GI ulcers (gastric/duodenal), vomiting, abnormal renal function, anemia, dizziness, edema, elevated liver enzymes, headaches, increased bleeding time,rashes, tinnitus

This is the most effective medication for pain relief during hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy