Calcium Dobesilate Monohydrate Capsules
Calcium Dobesilate Monohydrate-500mg 10X10

VASOPROT- Calcium Dobesilate Monohydrate Capsules
In the management of Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Haemorrhoidal attack & Diabetic Retinopathy.

Indications:To be used underneath following conditions:

  • Chronic venous disease
  • Diabetic Retinopathy & Glaucoma
  • Haemorrhoidal Attack
  • Microcirculation Disorder
  • Venous Ulcers

VASOPROT Benefits:
Calcium Dobesilate is a Vasoprotective drug withpresumed effects on endothelial integrity, capillary permeability & blood viscosity. Calcium Dobesilate treatment produced significant clinical improvement in CVI patients enrolled in this study. A significant reduction of ankle and calf edemas was noted in 82% of patients. These objectives measures resulted in indisputable physical improvement. Symptoms such as pain, cramps, swelling, heavy legs & parasthesia were markedly improved.
Also help in the improvements in the state of the retina, in the visual acuity, and in the visual fields and by a fall in IOP.