Information About MENOBIS
Soya Isoflavonoids ----------- 60mg
Red Clover Isoflavones ------- 40mg
Evening Primrose Oil -------- 220mg
Beta Carotene ----------------- 10mg
Flaxseed Oil (Omega 3,6&9) --- 100mg
Black Cohosh ------------------ 40mg
Red Korean Ginseng------------ 42.5mg
Other essential minerals & Vitamins
3x10 Softgel

Menobis Softgel Capsules (Best evening primrose oil with minerals & vitamins) is used during pre-menopause or menopause to improve quality of life in women.

Indications: There are various hormonal changes during menopausal stage due to which women experience anxiety, hot flashes, weight gain, hair loss, breast tenderness, irritability, night sweats, mood changes, irritability, mental confusion or irregular heartbeat.

The various components involved in making these Menobis Capsules (Soya Isoflavonoids, Beta Carotene, & Evening Primrose Oil) are as follows:

Soya Isoflavonoids: They help in reducing menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, increases bone density, reduces cardiovascular disease and risk and fights osteoporosis.

Red clover Isoflavones: These supplements have a powerful effect on vaginal cytology and triglyceride levels and also significantly reduces menopausal symptoms.

Evening Primrose Oil: Best evening primrose oil (EPO) is made from the seeds of the flowers of a plant native to North America. The plant has traditionally been used to treat bruises, hemorrhoids, digestive problems, and sore throats. Fatty Acids and vitamin-E in evening primrose oil are highly effective in menopausal systems like breast pain and hot flashes.

Flaxseed Oil: This oil has the potential to reduce the chances of osteoporosis, hot flashes and mood swings during menopause.

Red Korean Ginseng: Promotes the production of the hormone estrogen and hence reducing the severity of menopause symptoms.

Beta Carotene: Helpful against vaginal dryness and fragility.