FERASMA tablets

Ayurvedic Haematinic Tablets
Information About FERASMA tablets
Loh Bhasam-50mg
kasis Bhasam-50mg
500 tablets Dispensing pack

FERASMA- Ayurvedic Haematinic Tablets
Used to treat Anaemia especially in pregnancy.

Indications:To be used underneath following conditions:

  • Anaemia to increase the blood count

FERASMA Benefits:
Ferasma Tablets are an Ayurvedic solution to increase the blood count in Anaemia especially during pregnancy. The components involved are purely herbal making it safe to consume with no side effects at all. Loh Bhasam used is best for iron deficinecy since it contains fine iron particles. Therefore, it fight against anaemia, loss of appetite and obesity. It can also compensate or the iron loss hat happens during some bleeding disorder. Kasis Bhasam-the next main component contains ferrous sulphate as the main ingredient due to which it is extremely beneficial in anaemia.Since Kasis Bhasam is the calcined form of ferrous sulphate ,hence its bioavailability is also higher than raw ferrous sulphate.