Pepsin Capsules

Alpha Galactosidase Lipase Digestive Enzyme capsules
Information About Pepsin Capsules
Alpha Galactosidase----------------------------150mg
Lipase enzyme----------------------------------3mg
Alpha amylase enzyme(1:800)IP-----------------50mg
Protease enzyme--------------------------------25mg
Lactase enzyme USP----------------------------7mg
10x10 Capsules

Pepgas Capsules- Alpha Galactosidase Lipase Digestive Enzyme capsules Provide tremendous amount of contribution towards indigestion and gaseousness since undigested food in small intestines gets fermented to produce gas. Pepgas capsules fulfills the need of complete enzyme blend to digest carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
Reduces intestinal gas
Aids in digestion
Acts on oligosaccharides and Polysaccharides and breaks them into simple sugar.
Relieves from feeling of fullness.
Acts on bloating, flatulence and belching.

The various components involved in making these capsules are as follows:
Alpha Galactosidase: It reduces the gas production following a meal rich in fermentable carbohydrates and may be helpful in patients with gas related symptoms. Hence alpha galactosidase helps in breaking the complex carbohydrate thus aiding digestion.
Amylase: Amylase is an enzyme which catalyses breakdown of starch into sugar and is present in our saliva where it begins the process of digestion.
Lipase: Lipase catalyses complex fatty acids and perform an essential role in digestion and transportation of fats.
Protease: It helps in breaking down of proteins into simpler amino acids and thus helping in digestion.
Lactase: It catalyses the breakdown of lactose(sugar found in dairy products) to constituent galacose and glucose monomer.This enzyme is present in our small intestines and is responsible for digestion of milk, thus lacking this enzyme will make a person to experience the symptoms of lactose intolerance.